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Gram Parsons Retreat

by Andrea Elizabeth

Since I like the 60’s folk/Indian sound of First Aid Kit, particularly Wolf

and Silver Lining,

YouTube Red introduces me to more of their songs. Another one that intrigues me is “Emmylou”. My guess was that it referenced Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash, and Judy Garland. I had no idea who Gram was though. Turns out there are a lot of surprises in the following explanation.

” First Aid Kit is a Swedish folk duo comprising sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg, who hail from Enskede, a southern suburb of Stockholm. The teenaged siblings began composing songs in 2007, taking their name at random from an English dictionary. The following year their YouTube cover of the Fleet Foxes song “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song,” recorded when the younger sister Klara was just 15, spread their name rapidly on the Internet. Their debut album, The Big Black & The Blue was released on the London-based Wichita Records label in 2010 to largely positive reviews. This is a track from their second album The Lion’s Roar, which was produced by Bright Eyes guitarist Mike Mogis.

This song is a homage to two of the sisters’ favorite Country-Rock songwriting partnerships – Gram Parsons with Emmylou Harris, and Johnny Cash with June Carter. The Söderbergs told The Sun why they chose to sing about these two duos. They explained: “The artists we mention in ‘Emmylou’ are some of our all-time favourite singers and songwriters. They have inspired us endlessly and in a way this is a tribute to them. When they sing together it’s an otherworldly power. You can hear the love seeping through those vocals chords. The song is about the intimate connection you get when you sing together. Johnny and June were obviously married and although Emmylou and Gram never were an official couple there are certainly rumours. To us the song is saying: ‘We may not be able to be together, but at least we can sing together.'”

So after reading their explanation of Emmylou and Gram, I had to listen to the inspiration which led me to the other videos where his story unfolds.

Gram and Emmylou sing “Love Hurts” https://youtu.be/OBnRfjb488A

How he met Emmylou Harris: https://youtu.be/BentUYX_OyA

His daughter on his life and influence: https://youtu.be/Fv7ovdcbud4

What happened to him: https://youtu.be/0MXn1zTNWN8

More details about his death https://youtu.be/Odh84BYSlmY

Now I’m ready to watch the video of “Emmylou”, which I hadn’t seen before. Spoiler Alert if you haven’t learned from the above links, “The song’s music video finds the two sisters wandering through Joshua Tree National Park, which is the alleged site of Parson’s cremation.”

Hey, they mention Stokholm, and it’s “June and” instead of Judy. I like Fleet Foxes too.

how to communicate life

by Andrea Elizabeth

Music, however, is living presence. This is why lullabies work on illiterate babies. This is why the Divine Liturgy is chanted and sung. Music is movement. And why Sia’s stillness is so conspicuous when she sings. It’s contradictory.

And why you have to be careful what music you listen to.

Great Doxology

by Andrea Elizabeth

Великое славословие



Сла́ва Тебе́, показа́вшему нам свет!

Glory to Thee, Who has shown us the light!



Сла́ва в вы́шних Бо́гу, и на земли́ мир, в челове́цех благоволе́ние.

Glory in the highest to God, and on earth peace, and to men good will.

Хва́лим Тя, благослови́м Тя, кла́няем Ти ся, славосло́вим Тя, благодари́м Тя вели́кия ра́ди сла́вы Твоея́.

Praise we Thee, bless we Thee, bow we to Thee, glorify we Thee, give thanks to Thee great for glory Thy.

Го́споди, Царю́ Небе́сный, Бо́же, О́тче Вседержи́телю,

Oh Lord, King Heavenly, God, Father Almighty,

Го́споди Сы́не Единоро́дный, Иису́се Христе́, и Святы́й Ду́ше.

Oh Lord, Son Onlybegotten, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.

Го́споди Бо́же, А́гнче Бо́жий, Сы́не Оте́чь, взе́мляй грехи́ ми́ра, поми́луй нас.

Oh Lord God, Lamb God, Son of the Father, (take away) sin earth, have mercy on us.

Взе́мляй грехи́ ми́ра, приими́ моли́тву на́шу.

Takest sins world, receive prayer our.

Седя́й одесну́ю Отца́, поми́луй нас.

Dwells right hand Father, have mercy on us.

Я́ко Ты еси́ Еди́н Свят; Ты еси́ Еди́н Госпо́дь, Иису́с Христо́с, в сла́ву Бо́га Отца́, ами́нь.

For Thou art alone Holy; Thou art alone Lord, Jesus Christ, to the glory God Father, amen.

На всяк день благословлю́ Тя и восхвалю́ и́мя Твое́ во ве́ки, и в век ве́ка.

On every day I bless Thee and praise name Thy for ever, and ever and ever.

Сподо́би, Го́споди, в день сей без греха́ сохрани́тися нам!

Vouchsafe, Oh Lord, in day this without sin save us!

Благослове́н еси́, Го́споди Бо́же оте́ц на́ших,

Blessed art Thou, Lord God fathers our,

и хва́льно и просла́влено и́мя Твое́ во ве́ки, ами́нь.

And Praised and glorified name Thy for ever, amen.

Бу́ди, Го́споди, ми́лость Твоя́ на нас, я́коже упова́хом на Тя.

Do, Oh Lord, mercy Thy on us, for we hope in Thee.

Благослове́н еси́, Го́споди, научи́ мя оправда́нием Твои́м (трижды).

Blessed art Thou, Oh Lord, teach me justifications Thy.

Го́споди! Прибе́жище был еси́ нам в род и род.

Oh Lord! Refuge hast been Thou our from generations and generations.

Аз рех: Го́споди! поми́луй мя, исцели́ ду́шу мою́, я́ко согреши́х Тебе́.

I said: Lord! have mercy on me, heal soul my, for I have sinned against Thee.

Го́споди! к Тебе́ прибего́х: научи́ мя твори́ти во́лю Твою́,

Oh Lord! Unto Thee do I cling: teach me to do will Thy,

я́ко Ты еси́ Бог мой,

For Thou art God my,

я́ко у Тебе́ исто́чник живота́, во све́те Твое́м у́зрим свет.

For in Thee is source of life, in light Thy shall we see light.

Проба́ви ми́лость Твою́ ве́дущим Тя!

Continue mercy Thy unto those who follow Thee!

Святы́й Бо́же, Святы́й Кре́пкий, Святы́й Безсме́ртный, поми́луй нас! (трижды).

Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us! (thrice)

Сла́ва Отцу́ и Сы́ну и Свято́му Ду́ху, и ны́не и при́сно и во ве́ки веко́в, ами́нь.

Glory Father and Son and Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages, amen.

Святы́й Безсме́ртный, поми́луй нас.

Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.

Святы́й Бо́же, Святы́й Кре́пкий, Святы́й Безсме́ртный, поми́луй нас!

Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us!

Russian version of “Sing We Now of Christmas”

by Andrea Elizabeth

Французкая колядка

French Carol

Сла ва – в выш-них Бо – гу! Пой те – Не – бе – са! Па сту – -хам до ро – – гу

Glory to “above” God! “Sing” heaven! Shepherds “dear”

Ан гел – у- ка-зал. Ал ли  – лу – я, ал ли лу и  – я! Па сту – хам  – до ро – – гу

angels telling. Alleluia, alleluia! Shepherds dear

Ан гел – у – ка- зал. Там,где над  вер те – – пом яр кий – свет го рит – ,

angels telling. There, above where cave (“criminal den”) brilliant light burning.

Богсо шел  – назем – лю и в яс лях – ле жит – . Ал ли  – лу я – , ал ли лу  -и я!

God “I come down” on earth and in manger laid. Alleluia, alleluia!

Бог со шел  – на зем – лю и в яс лях – ле жит – . Ан ге – лы  – сле те – – лись

God “I come down” on earth and in manger laid. Angels “flying”

и по ют – с Не бес – : по ди – ви  – – тесь, лю – ди на чу – до из чу дес!

“sing” “from” heaven: “and wonder”, people miracle of miracles!

Ал – ли лу я, ал-ли лу -и я! – по ди – ви  – тесь, лю – ди на чу-до из чу дес – !

Alleluia, alleluia! and wonder, people miracle of miracles!

Чи ста – я  – Ма ри – – я Сы на – ро ди  – – ла. Сла ва – в выш  -них Бо – гу, Не бе – -сам хва ла – !

“Pure” Mary Son “bore”. Glory most high God, heaven “praise”!

(more theological than English version!)

My name’s blurryface and I care what you think

by Andrea Elizabeth

While I’m waiting for my Russian dictionary to come in the mail, more on Millennials. This song seems pretty descriptive:

This one scrolls the lyrics.


cont with Молитва ко Пресвятой Троице

by Andrea Elizabeth

Молитва ко Пресвятой Троице

Prayer to Most (Пре) Holy Trinity

Пресвятая Троице, помилуй нас; Господи, очисти грехи наша; Владыко, прости беззакония наша; Святый, посети и исцели немощи наша, имене Твоего ради.

Most Holy Trinity, have mercy on us; Lord, cleanse sins our; Master, “sorry lawlessness” our; Holy One, visit and heal infirmities our, name Thy for.

Господи, помилуй. (Трижды).

Lord, have mercy. (“Thrice”)

Слава Отцу и Сыну и Святому Духу, и ныне и присно и во веки веков. Аминь[3].

Glory Father and Son and Holy Spirit, and now and ever and ever ages. Amen.

Молитва Господня

Prayer Lord’s

Отче наш,

Father our,

Иже еси на небесех!

Who art in heaven!

Да святится имя Твое,

Let holy be Thy name,

да приидет Царствие Твое,

Let come Kingdom Thy,

да будет воля Твоя, яко на небеси и на земли.

Let be done will Thy, as in heaven and on earth.

Хлеб наш насущный даждь нам днесь;

Bread our “daily” “give” us “today”;

и остави нам долги наша,

And forgive us debts our,

якоже и мы оставляем должником нашим;

as and we forgive debtors our;

и не введи нас во искушение, но избави нас от лукаваго.

And not lead us into temptation, but deliver us of evil.

Тропари Троичные (with help from here)

Troparia “Trinity”

Воставше от сна, припадаем Ти, Блаже, и ангельскую песнь вопием Ти, Сильне: Свят, Свят, Свят еси, Боже, Богородицею помилуй нас.

Having risen of “sleep”, most”fall” before Thee, O Blessed One, and angelic “hymn” “cry out” to Thee, “Stronger” One: Holy, Holy, Holy, thou, Oh God, Theotokos through have mercy on us.

Слава Отцу и Сыну и Святому Духу.

Glory to Father and Son and Holy Spirit.

От одра и сна воздвигл мя еси, Господи, ум мой просвети и сердце, и устне мои отверзи, во еже пети Тя, Святая Троице: Свят, Свят, Свят еси, Боже, Богородицею помилуй нас.

From bed and sleep raised me Thou, Oh Lord, “mind” my “enlighten” and heart, and lips my “open to”, that I may praise Thee, O Holy Trinity: Holy, Holy, Holy art Thou, O God, Through the Theotokos have mercy on us.

И ныне и присно и во веки веков. Аминь.

And now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Внезапно Судия приидет, и коегождо деяния обнажатся, но страхом зовем[4] в полунощи: Свят, Свят, Свят еси, Боже, Богородицею помилуй нас.

“Suddenly” the Judge shall come, and everyone’s “acts” “naked”, but “fear” “call” “at” “the midnight”: Holy, Holy, Holy Thou, O God, through Theotokos have mercy on us.

Господи, помилуй. (12 раз)

Lord, have mercy. (12 times)

Молитва ко Пресвятой Троице

Prayer to Most Holy Trinity (with help from here)

От сна востав, благодарю Тя, Святая Троице,

From sleep arisen, I “thank” Thee, O Holy Trinity,

яко многия ради Твоея благости и долготерпения не прогневался еси на мя, лениваго и грешнаго,

that “many” “for” “Thy” goodness and “longsuffering” no “wroth” Thou “on” me, idler and sinner,

ниже погубил мя еси со беззаконьми моими;

 nor destroyed me Thou with iniquities mine;

но человеколюбствовал еси обычно и в нечаянии лежащаго воздвигл мя еси,

“but” mankind love shown Thou “usual” when with not “the hope of” in despair raised me Thou hast,

во еже утреневати и славословити державу Твою.

to watch and praise “power” Thy.

И ныне просвети мои очи мысленныя, отверзи моя уста поучатися словесем Твоим,

 And now “illumine” my “eye” mind’s, open  my mouth that meditate words Thy,

и разумети заповеди Твоя, и творити волю Твою,

and “understand” commandments Thy, and do will Thy,

и пети Тя во исповедании сердечнем, и воспевати всесвятое имя Твое, Отца и Сына и Святаго Духа, ныне и присно и во веки веков. Аминь.

and hymn Thee in confession heartfelt, and sing praises name Thy, Father and Son and Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen. (that was hard)


Приидите, поклонимся Цареви нашему Богу. (Поклон)

Come, worship let us King our God. (“bow”)

Приидите, поклонимся и припадем Христу, Цареви нашему Богу. (Поклон)

Come, worship let us and fall down before Christ, King our God.

Приидите, поклонимся и припадем Самому Христу, Цареви и Богу нашему. (Поклон)

Come, worship let us and fall down before Himself Christ, King and God our.

Молитвы утренние

by Andrea Elizabeth

Good morning, students. Due to the lack of other current inspiration, I will endeavor to teach myself prayers using the Russian language by teaching you, which is the best way to learn, they say. There is a difference between Russian and traditional Church Slavonic, but as our particular Church music is in Russian, I want to learn that first. Instead of just learning Church music, I want to kill two birds with one stone and teach Morning Prayers using this web page: https://www.molitvoslov.com/text893.htm . I have a translator app that lets me know the words I bother to look up. I will probably not look up all of them. I guess I’ll put the translations in quotes if I do look it up. Here we go.

Молитвы утренние

“prayers morning” Moleetvoi ootrenniye

Молитва мытаря 

“prayer publican” Molitva moitarya

Боже, милостив буди мне грешному. (Поклон)

“God, merciful be to me, a sinner. (bow)” Bozye, milostiv boodi mnye greschnomoo.

Молитва предначинательная

“prayer” (?)

molitva prednachinatelnaya

Господи Иисусе Христе, Сыне Божий, молитв ради Пречистыя Твоея Матере и всех святых, помилуй нас. Аминь.

Слава Тебе, Боже наш, слава Тебе.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, prayers “for”/through(?) pure your mother all holy, have mercy on us. Amen.

Glory to Thee, God our, Glory to Thee.

I’ll let you look up how to say the letters here.

Молитва Святому Духу

Prayer Holy Spirit

Царю Небесный, Утешителю, Душе истины, Иже везде сый и вся исполняяй, Сокровище благих и жизни Подателю, прииди и вселися в ны, и очисти ны от всякия скверны, и спаси, Блаже, души наша

King Heavenly, Comforter, Spirit truth, who (art everywhere present and fillest all things.[maybe this is Slavonic because several words aren’t translating]), Treasury good and life “Submitter”, come and abide in us, and cleanse us from every stain, and save, Good One, souls ours.



Святый Боже, Святый Крепкий, Святый Безсмертный, помилуй нас.

Слава Отцу и Сыну и Святому Духу, и ныне и присно и во веки веков. Аминь.

Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.

Glory Father and Son and Spirit Holy, and now and ever and forever and ever. Amen




Another beautiful arrangement of It is Meet

by Andrea Elizabeth

This Slavonic Cherubic hymn is more my speed

by Andrea Elizabeth


Cyrillic motivation

by Andrea Elizabeth

Wonderful “Sing we now of Christmas” in Russian, with probably different words. I see glory, heaven, God, angels, light earth, Mary, Son, born, and Allelujah