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Big Jake and the death of Nietzsche’s ubermensch

by Andrea Elizabeth

I caught the first part of Big Jake with John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, and two of The Duke’s sons this morning. Big Jake is what TV tropes calls a Bad A**. see the other Badness in this movie. Nietzsche didn’t really care for old school ubermensches who represent a tradition, but Big Jake is one. He left his family, then came back when they needed to be rescued. He kicks his resentful snowflake son’s hiney, and is mildly amused by his respectful motorcycling son’s gadgets. He thinks nothing about killing a probable threat before a trial. But he’s not racist as he stands up for his faithful Indian companion and his Dog, and asks about the Mexican family killed by the kidnappers.

The people who grew up admiring Big Jake, my generation, voted for Donald Trump. But listening to the afore-posted Pinkerton/Fry interview made me realize that the new deal is the death of ubermenschness, which I suppose comes after killing God 100 years earlier. Jordan Peterson is trying to bring the individual hero back to life since the universities have murdered him in favor of The Collective. The Collective thinks with the hive brain. It’s representatives speak with morally superior authority and have branded ubermenschness (BadA**ness) as nazi authoritarianism. They will loudly, or calmly overtalk you if you disagree. If one of the over-50 heroes beats them in an argument, they calmly move on to the next person. This is their favorite pundit right here, Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell.

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He seems old school German to me. I wont use the N word. He isn’t out to individually or personally fix anything, he’s out to assimilate people into the Collective through twisted propaganda.

Big Jake was an authoritarian in the military sense to keep people from getting killed. But he did leave his family and later made them sleep on the floor while he got the bed and shower. This is hard for some of us to reconcile. But those of us against the Collective don’t want to kill the heroes, and will praise those who swim upstream while they still can.

Big Jake was also about the death of an era. It was made in 1971. Some say Easy Rider (1969) killed old school Hollywood, and I think Big Jake memorializes that. But George Lucas rose again. Will there be anyone else from a younger generation? I don’t think it’s J.J. Abrams.



by Andrea Elizabeth

Why people stopped watching The Walking Dead

Improbable Planet by astrophysicist Hugh Ross

by Andrea Elizabeth

The audiobook ended just as I pulled into my driveway yesterday. Coincidence? Or was the delaying highway construction designed to show me how intricate and complex God’s plans and executions are, which is what this book is about.

His case is pretty compelling scientifically, but theologically there are perhaps a few biases. I don’t think determinism has to be quite that hard-line, and I wonder if Ross is a Calvinist. But since God is sovereign and skillful, I’m ok with 99% of his conclusions.

One thing young earther’s have trouble with is death before Adam and Eve’s fall. This is a legitimate problem. He seems to be a little too cavalier (Machiavellian?) about the mass extinctions that set the stage for the next level of life. But dinosaurs were ruthless killers, and who cares about single celled organisms and trilobites. But did mammoths deserve it? Or did they just loose their hair and shrink? One possible solution is that Adam and Eve’s fall was retroactive. Seems a bit forced. More likely, the death in the garden was about Adam and Eve specifically, but still they apparently were vegetarians, so animal life must have mattered. Ross’ picture of beneficially catastrophic old earth does pose a paradigm shift for those who thought The Garden of Eden was always only paradise.

And about Adam and Eve. I kept waiting for him to discuss the hominid/hominim issue. The closest he came was saying evidence for the first farming was 23,000 years ago, which is a new finding as previously it was believed that evidence was from 12,000 years ago, the end of the last ice age. I also think one could come away with the idea that the Cambrian Explosion, the sudden advanced proliferation 541 million years ago of just about every biological structure animals and humans have, was the last overtly miraculous spontaneous generation that occurred, despite his explanation of mass extinctions with new species emerging. Ross seems very careful to stay scientifically provable in this book, and I infer that he doesn’t want to be discredited by secular scientists. His last chapter is an evangelical alter-call however.

Therefore I think he passes the test for the middle three groups of creation originists, not the atheist evolutionists or the Young earthers, but the Intelligent Designers, Christian/Theistic evolutionists, and Gap theorists/Old earth creationists.

Devil’s Pass

by Andrea Elizabeth

Is a UK/Russia cooperation about a group of American college students who investigate the strange deaths of an actual expedition of a Russian group of hikers into the Ural Mountains in 1959. Check out this smart thriller with a surprisingly fearless female lead.

Yvaine Book 2

by Andrea Elizabeth

Yvaine eventually found Lambert napping under a tree.

There you are! I brought cake!

I don’t like cake.

It has olives in it.

He sat up.

Between bites she said, “What if nothing ever happens again?”

You think too much.

That’s because I’m conscientious. You don’t think enough.

That’s because I’m agreeable.

Saying I think too much isn’t agreeable.

Yes it is.

At least Pinker criticized snowflakes (Pinker 5)

by Andrea Elizabeth

for stopping beneficial conversation.

54 minutes in Fry redeems us with his devil’s advocacy (Pinker 4)

by Andrea Elizabeth

Thank you! And Pinker’s first reaction is, “romantic individualism may make for great plot lines, but” you lost right there, dude!

44 minutes in (Pinker 3)

by Andrea Elizabeth

Trumpism is the Enlightenment going backwards? Before you backed up your claims with statististics and now you just ad hominemly brand him with “Totalitarian Nationalist”. Tell that to the stagnant wage or unemployed blue collar workers, you elitist Harvard Einstein-hair wannabe.

Nil? Really? (Pinker 2)

by Andrea Elizabeth

16 minutes in, they just agreed that thoughts and prayers have no results, and everything happens through cold blooded natural processes. They need to talk to doctors who can’t explain healings, and have X-rays to prove them. These atheists are also responsible for people’s interest in ghost stories and spiritualism. We need a better framework that is empirically credible.

dawn of a new era?

by Andrea Elizabeth

12 minutes into this talk and I have to pause and respond. Stephen Fry just told his apparently oft told joke, “nature, nurture, and Nietzsche”. This is after Steven Pinker suggested we need to dialectically synthesize the liberal notion of people being a blank slate (but with evolutionary predispositions) full of potential and the conservative notion of people being tragically flawed. I’d say the western notion of total depravity suggests fatally flawed.

It is becoming clear to me that our universities have become very Nietzschean (make your own meaning) and liberal, and explain everything according to evolution, Jordan Peterson’s past lectures included. Their humanism/apeism/lobsterism is utopian, as Pinker said. What do conservatives have to offer? No! We’re horrible sinners, not boundless potentials! And these people aren’t getting the views on youtube. And people aren’t filling up their churches like they are Joel Osteen’s. So conservatives are relegated to uneducated folksism, but we send our kids to liberal universities where they can learn how things work from an evolutionary standpoint to be successful in life. A few will remain Christian after all this, but seems to me they zip their lips and sit on their hands. They fill in what the professor wants to hear so they can pass. I’m new at this, but the only voice I’ve heard offering an educated, scientific, positive, mainstream*, which happens to be Christian, message is Hugh Ross. I googled him to see if he was accepted by the scientific community, and the only opposition I saw was by young earth creationists.

btw, the conservative equivalent of utopia is theocracy. I’ll keep listening because I think the belief in utopia may have been killed by Obama’s head in the sand ostrichness and Hillary Clinton’s corruption. And it seems theocracy was killed with the ostrich, Tsar Nicholas.

*regarding mainstreamism – conservatives pooh pooh this because the way is narrow to eternal life, while getting laughed out of the college classroom. And some of the laughter is justified, imo. And I’m not an evolutionist. Conservatives say that liberals are gnostic, I guess because they’re denying sexual biology, and maybe because of our computer age. Maybe quantum mechanics are sort of gnostic. Anyway, I think it’s pretty gnostic of conservatives to deny science because they think it replaces God. Evolutionary theories do, but physics doesn’t. Just because physical, biological and psychological processes are predictable, it doesn’t mean God didn’t invent them, nor that we didn’t malleably inherit some of them (positive and negative) from our ancestors.