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British cheerfulness

by Andrea Elizabeth

Searched for and oddly found in the same quote collection as last post’s.

Quote Originally Posted by Bill Bryson

And the British are so easy to please. It is the most extraordinary thing. They actually like their pleasures small. That is why so many of their treats – tea cakes, scones, crumpets, rock cakes, rich tea biscuits, fruit Shrewsbury- are so cautiously flavorful. They are the only people in the world who think of jam and currants as thrilling constituents of a pudding or cake. Offer them something genuinely tempting – a slice of gateau or a choice of chocolates from a box – and they will nearly always hesitate and begin to worry that it’s unwarranted and excessive, as if any pleasure beyond a very modest threshold is vaguely unseemly.
“Oh, I shouldn’t really,” they say.
“Oh, go on,” you prod encouragingly
“Well, just a small one then,” they say and dartingly take a small one, and then get a look as if they have just done something terribly devilish. All this is completely alien to the American mind. To an American the whole purpose of living, the one constant confirmation of continued existence, is to cram as much sensual pleasure as possible into one’s mouth more or less continuously. Gratification, instant and lavish, is a birthright. You may well say “Oh, I shouldn’t really” if someone tells you to take a deep breath.
I used to be puzzled by the curious attitude of the British to pleasure, and that tireless, dogged optimism of theirs that allowed them to attach an upbeat turn of phrase to the direst inadequacies – “Mustn’t grumble,” “It makes a change,” “You could do worse,” “It’s not much, but it’s cheap and cheerful,” “Well, it was quitenice” – but gradually I came around to their way of thinking and my life has never been happier.” 

“How Trump Beats Hillary” 

by Andrea Elizabeth

He’s behind in the polls against her, so here’s a perceptive plan that keeps him from insulting women. I’m not sure he can. 

just saying

by Andrea Elizabeth

My new rolling pin is shaped like a toothpick, wider in the middle than at the ends. Somehow this helps the dough roll out more evenly and with less effort.

Hugh Glass’ story

by Andrea Elizabeth

 That The Revenant is based on is well recounted here. “This article was written by Nancy M. Peterson and originally appeared in the June 2000 issue of Wild West.”

Are we caught in the middle?

by Andrea Elizabeth

While I’m still traveling and posting from my phone, I’ll share this article comparing baby boomers, my generation X, and millennials. 

Why I hate flying rant

by Andrea Elizabeth

Because it’s none of their business who I am. They went through my purse! Pocket knives are expensive! I am not a cow.

I would way rather spend 2.5 days driving than 3.5 hours flying and use the McDonald’s bathrooms.

All for my granddaughter. I must love you a lot.

I take back everything I said about Millenials

by Andrea Elizabeth

I just spent about an hour smiling as I watched Carpool Karaoke with James Cordell. Especially Adele. Pointless diversion though it may be, as long as you don’t spend your WHOLE life in it, why not? #ifucantbeatmjoinm :p

Hope we never have to sing this word

by Andrea Elizabeth


Pronounced Vysokopreosvyashchenneyshiy

It means Very Most Reverend

My Star Wars post

by Andrea Elizabeth

Despite the copy cat repetition, it had enough continuing saganess to renew the experience of the original trilogy, which 1-3 didn’t do. I missed Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, R2 and 3PO, so thanks for getting them back together, JJ. And Kylo Ren is compelling with his Bane-like voice and fabulous hair, as are Rey for her spontaneous quickness and Finn for his Everyman along for the ride

Justice Network 2

by Andrea Elizabeth

A large percentage of murder victims were last seen at bars.


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