The Patriot Party

by Andrea Elizabeth

There is a lot of talk on Twitter and Gab about Trump voters abandoning the Republican Party and forming a new one.

These voters feel betrayed by the GOP’s refusal to fight against election theft the last few months, and maybe for decades before, voting for a second impeachment, and legitimizing and promoting a Biden presidency, beginning with the election night shenanigans on Fox News.

When Georgians stayed home for the runoff on Jan. 5th, many in the GOP said that now was not the time to quit on Republicans. I don’t blame them, though I probably would have voted for the lesser of two evils. Doing so would have felt very very dirty though. Reasons:

1. Those voting machines are as tainted as the kitchen knife the intruder used to kill your mother.

2. They were going to cook the numbers again, just as YouTube erased all the hundreds of thousands of dislikes on Biden’s inauguration videos, labeling them spam. We know that’s what the Left and Big Tech think of us. Trashworthy Spam.

3. Many in the GOP are indistinguishable from Democrats. Still they cry, you’re going to let socialism happen. Oh, so when Republicans are in power they outlaw abortion, decrease government spending, and prevent new wars? Trump was making steps, the second is a more complicated discussion on economics. I think he did eliminate some extraneous government positions though.

I was against splitting the vote between GHB Bush and Ross Perot, even though I agreed more with RP. I am not a purist. But now I cannot believe my opinion has changed so much about the Bushes. I no longer trust HW’s involvement in the CIA, nor his son’s. I would have split the vote for Perot if I had it to do over. The evil is so much deeper than we thought that 80% evil vs 90% evil no longer seems like much less. A big purge needs to happen. Maybe now there is enough momentum where the majority want it, if they are counted.

The original Irish Wexford Carol pronounced and translated

by Andrea Elizabeth

Deeper than the English, and more Catholic.

I didn’t think today would happen

by Andrea Elizabeth

There’s still 12 minutes till the inauguration as I start this, so there’s still a .00001% chance it wont.

I didn’t want to believe the 4 portents that whispered it would though.

1. A rare nosebleed Nov. 3rd, 4th, or 5th, I don’t remember.

2. When Sen. Tom Cotten and Sen. Mitch McConnell looked ashen gray on Fox News a couple of days after the election, but before they disavowed doubting the results. I wondered why they looked so shaken.

3. A look of doubt or apology on Trump’s face to the camera right before the coin toss at the Army Navy game the Saturday after when supposedly the Kraken was to be released.

4. Awakening in the middle of the night the next week with a strong foreboding that in order to save Barron, Trump wouldn’t fight to the death.

So if God knows beforehand and is capable of giving miraculous portents like bleeding icons, not that I’m one, that show that maybe even He suffers, why doesn’t he use his powers to prevent them? Since leaving deterministic Calvinism behind while studying Orthodoxy, I posted a long time ago that I no longer think God is as concerned with events as people’s inner dispositions. Still, when Trump was elected, I thought that God liked it when worldly affairs were set to rights. That God cared about people being used and abused, and suffering under oppression and lies. I’m pretty sure the Bible says governments matter, whether God rules through them or despite them.

One explanation for the atheist Soviet takeover is that Orthodox Christians got complacent. I don’t like blaming the Christians for that. They also say Christians grow under persecution. I don’t like that either. I like better that things be set aright, like Hitler and ISIS being stopped. That Iran and China be called out instead of enabled. That abortion be stopped. That companies make stuff in America. That God can be publicly celebrated. That elections be transparent, honest and reflect the voice of legal voters.

I have wondered if Trump pulled back wrongly (not declaring Marshall law or saying everything he knew about China, or other foreign involvement), but maybe he wasn’t. Possible pros to acting as he did:

  • 1. He remains eligible to run again – hopefully.
  • 2. He prevents a bloody civil war.
  • 3. He prevents a bloody war with China.
  • 4. He retains the dignity of the offices of government, which we were willing to throw out because of bad acting, which could play into the hands of the violent anarchists, which occurred on a small scale at the Capitol.
  • 5. He doesn’t have to deal with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer’s majorities, nor the other RINO’s who hate him.
  • 6. He doesn’t have to deal with the hostile press, who would scream bloody murder even more that they’ve vowed to continue to do even today after he has left.
  • 7. Sometimes letting brats have their way is the best medicine.

Still, I hope this isn’t the end of our Republic. There is a real and present danger that free elections may never occur again, if they even have since Bill Clinton, that they will remain manipulated counterfeit numbers of counterfeit ballots by counterfeit voters carried by counterfeit couriers and tabulated by counterfeit officials on counterfeit “voting” machines.

Now as it’s a little after noon, I’ll check to see if Biden was arrested on the podium. If I post this, he hasn’t been. Yet.

Current workout music

by Andrea Elizabeth

I’ve posted my YouTube Peloton playlist before, however staring in December I have been working out to mostly choral, instrumental, and a few pop versions of Christmas carols on Pandora (without commercials). It feels cleaner, of course, and I haven’t wanted to switch back. I may not as I’m minimizing google in my life with all their censorship. A ice older gentleman at Church yesterday said he got banned from watching YouTube for a rational, not emotional or mean, comment he made in a chat box! This is so out of control. I’m also minimizing Facebook and Twitter.

I don’t want to go back to my pop or classical Pandora playlists, so I may see if I can find other motivating choral music maybe. I haven’t decided if it will make Christmas music less special if listen all year round.

Free speech impediment

by Andrea Elizabeth

Since Parler sank after I’d worked so hard to find disappearing banned Twitter news sources there, I’m now doing the same unfun exercise at Gab.com.

It seems the Q people are at CloutHub.

I’ve heard over 90% of Trump supporters still believe the election was stolen. The establishment Bush era swamp Congresspeople try to paint us all as Qanon conspiracy theorists, but the difference between Q’s and the majority of us is that they support military martial law as a remedy, and the rest of us are waiting to see what really happens about obvious, in our face, fraud.

John Zmirak

by Andrea Elizabeth

I lost track of John Zmirak whose writing I enjoyed at least 10 years ago after he was, if I recall correctly, released from some internet Catholic magazine for saying something supposedly racist. I don’t know if it was about an article I shared that he had written about job-hunting where he said towards the end, again iirc, ‘I’m not brown enough’ to work in hotel housekeeping. I remember feeling embarrassed for a long time that I might have come across racist in sharing that article. I’m tired of being embarrassed and eggshelly about race. To me, though not the highlight of the article, it was like a black person saying they aren’t white enough to bungie jump or a white person saying their color is the reason they can’t dance or jumpshoot in basketball. As these are interesting “race” distinctions, so is housekeeping, which is not disgraceful to me. I see how people would take it as promoting a class system, but it is one to which I consider myself and have participated in by cleaning our church every week. My best friend worked for Merry Maids in college. I don’t mind being associated with hotel maids who are mostly brown, if my experience is representative. Humor involves surprise, and I was surprised he stated what I had not so consciously thought about. The white housekeepers I have seen seem like minorities, but not part of a persecuted class, imo. I know that in the past there was a class system, but in the 70’s when I was growing up, we felt that it had been overturned, even if looking back it may not have been as much as we thought it was. It seemed the brown kids I went to school with were also under the same delusion as me.

Anyway, John Zmirak has recently come back on my radar screen in alternative news sources. First on Eric Metaxes’ YouTube channel, and now on Eric Metaxes’ twitter. Zmirak is now the editor of The Stream, and has written an insightful article on tackling the Deep State that I recommend. “Can We Fight The Deep State, the Hive Mind,That Rules Us?”

Вечерний звон Evening Bells

by Andrea Elizabeth

“The Bell and the Cannon” in the first part of The Icon and the Axe, call forth worship and war in the cities after the bronze was recycled. The icon and the axe were set in such a way in the old forest huts that the author struggles to find traces of now.

It is sad to read the prelude to the atheist communism that took over Russia as the left is implementing the same change here.

Added posts

by Andrea Elizabeth

I thought were published already. And I thought they’d be put in order, but they weren’t.

5th reason

by Andrea Elizabeth


The forest

by Andrea Elizabeth

Chapter 2, “The Forest”, of The Icon and the Axe, part 1, gives a gripping, multifaceted account of the post-Kievan peasant relationship with the northern forest. The last paragraph is the perfect setup to explain the title.

Why Russians did not sink into complete fatalism and resignation during the dark days of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries can perhaps be explained in terms of two key pairs of artifacts that stayed with them through all the fires and fighting of the period: the axe and the icon in the countryside, and the bell and cannon in the monastery and city. Each element in these pairings bore an intimate relationship to the other – demonstrating the close connection between worship and war, beauty and brutality, in the militant world of Muscovy. These objects were also important in other societies, but they acquired and retained in Russia a special symbolic significance even for the complex culture of modern times.

Still, I grow tired of academic efforts to trace Christian practices to pagan origins. In this case there are a few sentences in an otherwise surprisingly concrete, if poetic, instead of abstract work, devoted to thus attributing Marion devotion to pagan fertility rites, and harmony and spirituality attached to nature to animism. What if pagans believed nature was attached to spiritual forces because it is? Hello Genesis 1 and Psalm 104!