Reading the Lives of the Saints is Beneficial

by Andrea Elizabeth

Especially in combination with counseling with one’s Priest. I read the following from the life of St. Paisius, whom I’d only heard about peripherally, this morning after talking to my priest last night about my sadness over Isaac (related most recently two posts ago, now unpublished). He said I retreat into a hole when I get like that, of which I was not aware.

At first, he went to Kiev, where he happened to meet his sister-in-law, the widow of his older brother Archpriest John. She informed him of his mother’s sorrow when he left Kiev, and her mind seemed to be affected by her grief. Then one day an angel appeared to her and told her that instead of loving the Creator with her whole heart and soul, she loved His creation (her son) more.

I am going to try to not keep sinking into it, God helping me. Today, the Feastday of the Theotokos entering into the Temple, is much better.

H/T to Benedict Seraphim.