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Making a Murderer’s defense attorney, Dean Strang, on Millennials

by Andrea Elizabeth

Have you been getting recognized on the street?

Yes, on the street or out and about. More often by twentysomethings, by millennials. Occasionally by people in other age groups as well, but it’s been noticeable how frequently it’s people in their 20s, early 30s who either recognize me or will come up and say something. I think [millennials] get such an unfair rap or label of being apathetic or disinterested or self-absorbed.”

from slate.com

My name’s blurryface and I care what you think

by Andrea Elizabeth

While I’m waiting for my Russian dictionary to come in the mail, more on Millennials. This song seems pretty descriptive:

This one scrolls the lyrics.


I take back everything I said about Millenials

by Andrea Elizabeth

I just spent about an hour smiling as I watched Carpool Karaoke with James Cordell. Especially Adele. Pointless diversion though it may be, as long as you don’t spend your WHOLE life in it, why not? #ifucantbeatmjoinm :p

Welcome to the new age

by Andrea Elizabeth

I hadn’t even realized Alan Rickman had died when I woke up this morning with, “Welcome to the new age” from some pop song inside my head. Apparently Alan Rickman was the preserver of life as we knew it. For some reason he was holding the balance between us and the Millennials. With his death it is now their world. We may speak the same language, but the meanings are no longer the same. Fun means pointless diversion. Love means warm feels. Soul means old 70’s music. Pain is a dull, meaningless ache that can be accustomed to and put to peppy music. Life is something to put off.

But do not despair. There are still rocks that remember.

Did 9-11 do it to them?

Or being born after Roe v. Wade?