Another on going back and changing things

by Andrea Elizabeth

In 11-23-63 Jake goes back in time to prevent a man from murdering most of his family and maming the only survivor. At first he tries to stop him at the scene of the crime. When this is only partially successful, he goes back again and seeks to take him out well before the fateful day. He had said he believed he could kill during a hot moment, but wondered if he could when things were calm. It does make all the difference. I wonder if guns are the easy, lazy, cowardly way out. But if someone is hell-bent on their course and is not seeking repentence, only manipulation and control, then why waste your time and resources trying to convince or control them? But deciding that when things are calm, before the deed is committed, and to off someone is a step I don’t think I could take. He found out that there had been a previous offence, so maybe he should have tried to stick him on that with the authorities instead. It’s sad if vigilantism is all you have left.

This reminds me of Judge Roy Bean, “the law west of the Pecos”. Wow, he was shadier than I expected.