A third on changing the past from 11-23-63

by Andrea Elizabeth

After the first attempt, Jake calls one of the would have been victims who recognizes him all those years later as her brother’s guardian angel, which he had called himself at the time. She then gets upset and asks him where he was when that brother was later killed in Vietnam. It’s a good question. If you can go back in time, which is what eternity does for you according to C.S. Lewis’ Great Divorce, where people living in heaven can direct things that happened in the past, then you are responsible for everything. What if our prayers can change things that even happened in the past. Perhaps this is what forgiveness and freedom from oppression is in a way. I think King is right that the past is obdurate and in harmony with itself and the future, which is why it is so hard to break free from these events. Even the would have been victims live similar lives when it didn’t happen as it had. This is why working miracles takes such intense concentration and years in prayer to perform. Guns are the quick and easy solution.