One article said “better than Making of a Murderer”

by Andrea Elizabeth

And The Keepers is. Warning, graphic descriptions of sexual abuse by a priest at a girl’s school. Here’s the Netflix trailer

Oh the ’60’s. Post Vatican II upheaval of traditions, the sexual revolution, male authoritarianism, continued silencing of women, etc. George and I have one episode to go so I don’t know how it turns out. Women defend themselves against men by banding together, even 50 years later. It may not lead to official recriminations, but it’s how we survive. Sort of like that documentary I saw about a Russian woman married to an abusive man who was driven off by her female family members. Or the classic 30’s movie, Freaks, which isn’t about women ganging up on men, but about a big group of little people vs. tall, beautiful supremacists. Like Whoopie Goldberg spitting in the lemonade. And Ghandi and MLK, but they were men so they actually changed policy. And what brought Catholic sexual abuse to light in the 90’s? These cases? No, it was the Boston boys who came forward and were believed. These girls weren’t and still aren’t, until this documentary I’m sure.