sola koran, or, will the true Muslims please stand up?

by Andrea Elizabeth

It’s politically incorrect to agree with Donald Trump, but will all the outraged consider that there is a fundamental problem with Islam and that we need to hold all of them at arm’s length and try to figure it out. You can point to the good Muslims, but here’s the problem. They don’t think the bad ones are true Muslims. And the same goes for the bad ones not thinking the good ones are true Muslims. This is because it’s based on a book that promotes both jihad and peace. Who’s to say which should be followed when? You’ve got a protestant ‘just me and the book’ religion that lets individuals decide for themselves. Well, America, that’s what you do too with the violent and peaceful parts of the Bible. Based on sola scriptura you can justify killing non-Christians too, and that’s what yall did to the Indians. This is why I’m glad to have the Spirit-guided Orthodox Church, and not just the Bible to help instruct me how to live.