Well this is beautiful

by Andrea Elizabeth

A Mercy of Peace from The Divine Liturgy. I think it’s from a Monastery. Holy Resurrection?

That reminds me

by Andrea Elizabeth

I’ve been meaning to write about the personal analysis google and marketers are doing on our internet activity. Computers learn our preferences and customize the advertising and suggested entertainment content in services like Netflix and YouTube. Conspiracy theorists warn that bad actors, like big brother, will use this info against us. I’ve not read 1984 as I prefer to think of it as the year I graduated high school. I really don’t think these corporations or Mark Zuckerberg care about me enough to learn my habits. I think they want to capitalize on the masses, not me. So why shouldn’t I help shape their strategies? What if only creepy people used the internet and that’s who businesses target? There’d be a lot more porn, which there is too much of already. At least Black Mirror doesn’t get that graphic. So be careful what you search – make sure it’s redeemable. There are lines.

I perhaps have a psychological weakness that, since music is so important to me, YouTube is impressed by my thumbs ups. That there is a person who checks what I like and makes suggestions, instead of the computer generated music genome project that Pandora gets credited for. “Whoa, she likes deep lyrics and deeper talent than ‘most people.'” YouTube now has more interesting suggestions than Pandora of new music, btw, imo. Where I imagine my balance is that even if it’s just a bot who does not get impressed, I am true enough to the music to appreciate it for its own and its creators’ sake even if no one wants to follow me. I also like that YouTube Red doesn’t have advertising, and that the artists get paid according to how long I listen to their content, not just by if it gets clicked on or played for a second and skipped. I feel like I’m supporting the indies out there.

or write about inanimate objects

by Andrea Elizabeth

My Kohl’s shawl purchase just came today. Feminine, lacy and long. Now I can be an eccentric writer. I rolled my hair while more damp than usual and I liked the effect of curly hair with lace.

If one writes about one’s hair or clothing, does that qualify as inanimate or personal? All objects are personal. Scientists are discovering the vital relationship between rocks and life. See Life’s Rocky Start on Netflix. I’m still not going to take the evolutional leaps they do though. Too many gaps, and I prefer God to fill them rather than evolution. My theory is that they’ll find a scientific way God used natural processes and created new species, not ex nihilo, but non-reproductively using the developing dust and atmosphere as ingredients. Apes aren’t our parents, but perhaps they were experiments or were necessary to shape the landscape in a preparatory way.

Back to expression, I can’t completely recommend Netflix’s Black Mirror because of the language and sexuality, but those are good short stories! Very engrossing and bold in their themes about technological/human interfaces. Better than Twilight Zone. George and I got started with the current season 4 and then season 3. “Playtest” is about a game that analyzes your brain and creates a horror experience for you, playing upon your issues. The guy had been avoiding dealing with them to that point, and that’s the danger. Either you take control and deal with stuff, or it’ll haunt you. But maybe you have to be 52 to do that.

oh my goodness

by Andrea Elizabeth

My Virginia Woolf Facebook news feed pointed to an article saying that the “Editor of Virginia Woolf’s diaries dies at age of 102.” She had a diary! So I look it up on ibooks and it’s the one edited by her husband, which probably isn’t the same one as Anne Olivier Bell did, as it is very redacted to protect the living who probably aren’t living any more. Anyway, as there’s a lot about writing in it, I downloaded the free redacted sample and what a tongue she has!  First she writes about Christina Rossetti, who she thinks castrated herself in a way that indicts God. She loves Lord Byron though. So I looked him up and he seems to have been a libertine. I’ll check out “Don Juan”. And his daughter, Ada Lovelace, was the first “computer programmer”.

Pardon me, but to be great you have to let yourself get carried away? To be Christian you have to castrate yourself? I have heard of people, like an artist I can’t remember, who gave up painting to be a missionary. I can’t help wondering if she would have blessed more people through the ages by sharing her talent than trying to convert people? I have a dark Monty Python impression that God may not like all the groveling.

However, Virginia Woolf, according to the movie, The Hours anyway, committed suicide. Byron died at 36 in the war for Greek Independence, so maybe he’s more noble. I’m afraid to watch Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf  because Elizabeth Taylor is too angry. She ugly cries too much.

About castration. That was one of Origin’s unpardonable sins. And people may need to express their anger in order to get over it. I wonder if Emily Dickinson was as angry as the new biopic of her portrayed. Unrequited or unfulfilled love takes its toll. Jane Austen was more constructive with hers, I think, because she let her characters find it. But she also died young.

Fear of expression though. I don’t like stifling. It reminds me of an obstructed gallbladder, which is horrible, I can tell you. Perhaps if Virginia had been aware that you can go overboard with it though…

St. Seraphim of Sarov was true to himself. He didn’t like people, so he hid out until he did. Until he could be honest that they were his joy.

I used to write about the living, but I redact myself and write about dead writers instead too. I should write fiction and hide who they are. Apparently Virginia writes about doing that in her diary.







































by Andrea Elizabeth

I meant to post yesterday, but I got caught up binge watching Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karimaloo singing and doing vlogs on youtube. I came across Sierra accidentally the other day when I searched for a Rogers and Hammerstein song, which she sang a number of with Julian Ovenden in 2012, apparently after being The Little Mermaid on Broadway. Not only is she the perfect package of beauty and talent, but she has that magical je ne sais quoi that makes you forget where you are. I thought, she would make a good Christine in Phantom of the Opera. Come to find out she is, and she opened the new sequel, Love Never Dies, in London. Ramin Karimaloo played the Phantom for the original with her in Las Vegas and the sequel. They developed a close friendship and have that chemistry that makes people want to see and hear them together.

steamed eggs

by Andrea Elizabeth

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker: 6 Egg Capacity Electric Egg Cooker for Hard Boiled Eggs, Poached Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, or Omelets with Auto Shut Off Feature - Black  Eggs peel perfectly and easily with this steaming method. Pour in a little water, use the poker to poke a hole in the shell, push the button, wait a couple minutes for the alarm, cool in a water bath, and, voila.


eau de water

by Andrea Elizabeth

Take water, for instance. It’s at least a global, if not universal phenomenon. It’s overwhelming in it’s ocean and even fresh water proportions, such as in the Great Lakes and Lake Baikal. One can’t wrap one’s mind around water. You go to the ocean and you’re completely engulfed. You try to focus on one wave, and it’s gone. Then there’s the microscopic proportions of two of the most common atoms, oxygen and hydrogen and their relationship to stars and physics and climate. And then there’s how a person is 3/4 water. And there’s how much a household uses water for everything from cleansing in three bathroom applications, and in the kitchen for steaming eggs and making coffee, and in the laundry room. Our food, our clothing, and our body maintenance all depend on it. Then there’s entertainment: swimming, surfing, and skiing. Everything has some water in it I suppose. But where it hits me most personally is in decomposition. Not just of dead people, but of our own shed skin that gets washed into the ground and down the streams and rivers to the ocean, and maybe even subducted into the mantle of the earth. People talk about eating worms that have eaten kings, but what if, because of water’s transporting, dissolving and lubricating properties, part of you right now is melted with part of Jesus’ blood in the middle of the earth . Maybe it’s even coming out of Kilauea right now in the deep red, glowing flow.

Another reason I hesitate to write is

by Andrea Elizabeth

the daunting task of giving justice to both the forest and the trees.

why study science

by Andrea Elizabeth

I’ll not put the quote from Ambiguum 10:10 about the heavens declaring the works of God in this time, but plug this book instead.

Ambiguum 10:7 – how the sun stood still?

by Andrea Elizabeth

“And [Joshua] caused the flowing nature of time, and all that is in motion, to pass over to the state of bodiless beings, bearing on the shoulders of the the virtues knowledge that is capable of pointing to the mysteries of God.”