Slam dunk? Not so fast.

by Andrea Elizabeth

All the atheists are happy that Jerry A. Coyne has proved David Gelernter’s dismissal of Darwin wrong.

He says thinking the Cambrian Explosion doesn’t have preceding proto animals is wrong because, in addition to there being newly discovered Ediacaran (way less developed animals), 10 million years is long enough for several evolutions to take place as whales did in 12 million years from deer-like creatures way more recently.

I looked that up and these are the “transitional” creatures.

You see what you want here. I don’t see evidence for evolution, just some common features and some uncommon features, that seem transitional in a play-dough manipulative fashion. Genes and children are not that malleable.

They keep saying there’s genetic evidence, implying to the motivated, ancestry, but that indicates genetic similarity and difference, just like the above morphological similarities and differences. Ancestry is a different kind of genetic proof altogether.

I’ll have to look up the co opted placentas from microbes later.