dawn of a new era?

by Andrea Elizabeth

12 minutes into this talk and I have to pause and respond. Stephen Fry just told his apparently oft told joke, “nature, nurture, and Nietzsche”. This is after Steven Pinker suggested we need to dialectically synthesize the liberal notion of people being a blank slate (but with evolutionary predispositions) full of potential and the conservative notion of people being tragically flawed. I’d say the western notion of total depravity suggests fatally flawed.

It is becoming clear to me that our universities have become very Nietzschean (make your own meaning) and liberal, and explain everything according to evolution, Jordan Peterson’s past lectures included. Their humanism/apeism/lobsterism is utopian, as Pinker said. What do conservatives have to offer? No! We’re horrible sinners, not boundless potentials! And these people aren’t getting the views on youtube. And people aren’t filling up their churches like they are Joel Osteen’s. So conservatives are relegated to uneducated folksism, but we send our kids to liberal universities where they can learn how things work from an evolutionary standpoint to be successful in life. A few will remain Christian after all this, but seems to me they zip their lips and sit on their hands. They fill in what the professor wants to hear so they can pass. I’m new at this, but the only voice I’ve heard offering an educated, scientific, positive, mainstream*, which happens to be Christian, message is Hugh Ross. I googled him to see if he was accepted by the scientific community, and the only opposition I saw was by young earth creationists.

btw, the conservative equivalent of utopia is theocracy. I’ll keep listening because I think the belief in utopia may have been killed by Obama’s head in the sand ostrichness and Hillary Clinton’s corruption. And it seems theocracy was killed with the ostrich, Tsar Nicholas.

*regarding mainstreamism – conservatives pooh pooh this because the way is narrow to eternal life, while getting laughed out of the college classroom. And some of the laughter is justified, imo. And I’m not an evolutionist. Conservatives say that liberals are gnostic, I guess because they’re denying sexual biology, and maybe because of our computer age. Maybe quantum mechanics are sort of gnostic. Anyway, I think it’s pretty gnostic of conservatives to deny science because they think it replaces God. Evolutionary theories do, but physics doesn’t. Just because physical, biological and psychological processes are predictable, it doesn’t mean God didn’t invent them, nor that we didn’t malleably inherit some of them (positive and negative) from our ancestors.