St Athanasius to the rescue

by Andrea Elizabeth

St Athanasius is the curing breath of fresh oxygen in The Incarnation. Ah, much better.

Our Saint says that Christ’s miracles prove that he is God and produced the material world out of nothing. As soon as the atheist materialist materially explain the Big Bang, I’ll remove them from the list of erroneous fringe religions. 

Science takes as fact that justified knowledge is repeatable. They have not been able to repeat the Big Bang, and there’s no discovered repetition of a life bearing planet. They claim they’ve recently created a life form from “scratch”. They made artificial DNA by replicating GTC&A and injecting it into an existing cell. That’s not ex nihilo nor from materials not already the product of life. It just shows that they are getting better at understanding how existing things physically work, not how they ultimately came to be. 

What I want to be measured is if the extra energy required for miracles is created or redirected. My hypothesis is that if a single atom can cause an explosion, then it is redirected. 

And I believe the relationship of the spiritual world to the material is very close,  such that sin alters our brains and bodies and ultimately the universe. However, so did the Incarnation.