evolving knowledge

by Andrea Elizabeth

It’s hard to find Respectivism among evolutionary geologists, whether they be atheist, intelligent design or Christian or theistic evolutionists, and instant creation of different species ists, whether they be Young Earth, Gap theory or Old Earth progressive creationists. Each laugh at the other’s explanations. The most convincing argument from each of the two sides that I’ve so far found is,

The evolutionists have more transitional skulls than most creationists acknowledge.

These skulls can be classified as extinct apes or isolated humans.

And I’m still trying to locate a more differential explanation for if the oxygen element in the molecules of the earth’s crust is from chemical reactions or the respiration of single cell plants. Most say water/H2O came before life, and that the first respirating cells suddenly covered the water, relatively speaking. Earth is the only place they know of where free oxygen exists as it is highly attractive to most other atoms, like carbon, iron, and silicon. Only the respiration of plants releases it independently into the atmosphere. Dr. Wysession in the Great Courses geology series said that a lot of the oxygen and carbon dioxide in rocks is absorbed from the atmosphere. It also seems that ancient volcanoes from when the waters still covered the earth’s surface could have mixed up water, or previously oxidized (from cellular respiration) iron, and magma to form silica crystals in granite. As a result of oxygen concentrating over time in the earth’s crust, first in oxidized iron, it further seems that the lighter rocks began to rise and accumulate to form the differentiated plates. The lighter plates (with higher concentrations of oxygen-bearing molecules) formed the continents and the heavier plates the ocean floor which subducts under the continents to eventually form mountain chains and terrestrial volcanoes.

I’ve put independent explanations together to draw the above conclusions. Perhaps an atheist conspiracy is covering up the accumulated logic that leads to God creating life, which was the key to the uniqueness of our atmosphere, and even the composition of our crust with its unique plates. Or maybe there’s a more Respectivist explanation than an evil conspiracy.

Back to the philosophy lectures in the Great Courses, the professor is saying that only  natural, scientifically repeatable explanations given by credentialed people can fit the definition of justifiable knowledge. He gave one little sentence that differentiates this from faith in the midst of a whole lecture which was mostly about how resurrections can’t be scientifically proven, and that uncredentialed people’s testimony is highly fallible. He believes that since reports of Princess Diana’s and Elvis’ coming back from the dead are false, then you can’t believe that Jesus was resurrected either because dead people stay dead. It is interesting to me how secular proofs ultimately revolve around Biblical explanations of divine intervention. This probably has to do with science most recently evolving in predominately Christianized and western lands.