Episode 7 cont

by Andrea Elizabeth

He’s saying objects aren’t hot, they just excitement of molecules. That statement ultimately implies that atoms or even their components, have no relation to the substances they find themselves in (which could be being severed), nor to our experience of them. So impersonal. With that mindset you can swing either way with our experiences of them as well, either nothing exists but our experiences, thus disrespecting other “created” things and magnifying our own. Or that even our experiences don’t matter (see what I did there?) since they are baseless. 

Right now I’m having a weird relationship with my experiences. It’s sort of apathetic about my pathos (by that I mean passions, emotions, and affectedness with connections), which does exist. And it’s not that I think pathos doesn’t matter. It’s just that pathos in general is too often overemphasized and I’m tired of it. Not that I don’t overemphasize it still. It’s just that I either don’t trust it, or find it easier or more proper to function without it. Not that I’m stoic. I’m just tired of experiences and don’t think they’re all they’re cracked up to be. Therefore I am not denying myself, I’m just resting.