Calm Down

by Andrea Elizabeth

I can’t go back into the zone if you’re too scared to come with me. Or at least till I try to relieve your fears. I will go on ahead with or without you. I really shouldn’t try. It might spoil the magic. Oh, but Stephen King is not a worthy guide, you wring. It’s too dangerous to watch Game of Thrones, you continue. On that one I agree. And I wouldn’t watch a Stephen King movie if it was as graphic as he writes. Gross. And I bet it still wouldn’t be as titillating as Game of Thrones, which I wont watch. He’s not that good at it. I may someday watch a dragon-only clean edit of GoT, but I bet it wouldn’t last 15 minutes from what I hear.

I’ll give you a quick outline of Stephen’s and Shirley’s redeeming qualities: Interaction with the spirit world and the possibility of clairvoyance. Who else is practicing these things in America? Btw, I heard Elder Ephraim’s recent saving of an airplane with his mind was a hoax.

Second, – now I’ve only read the first couple of chapters of The Haunting of Hill House, but I loved the Julie Harris movie, shortened to The Haunting, a decade or so ago, – Spoiler – what if the spirit world is as jealous of our earthly affairs as the House is? What if our fantasies of earthly, carnal, emotional pleasures make us neglect prayer, and this neglect isn’t just a declining of an optional dessert, but the neglect of a newborn baby? A baby reminds us by crying, but what if the Saints feel the same heart wrenching result when they and we don’t pray? You have to learn to listen to the other side to feel it.

By telling you I’ve probably spoiled it for myself, but that’s just what I do.