Bag of Bones

by Andrea Elizabeth

Having just finished, I like Stephen King more and more. This is despite his story being just a little above listenable/readable. But these days there’s barely anything readable, so that’s a lot. Perhaps his graphic anatomical details are titillating to the uninitiated. Even his scary ghosts aren’t very scary. Is that because I’m initiated? The Shining is my favorite so far – deeper, more realistic female character, and much scarier ghosts. However, I like his psychic connections, and at least he thinks dead people still exist, so. Additionally, the two deaths are just too convenient and seem cop-outy. This is only slightly mitigated by the self-awareness at the end of the book.

What was the most engrossing was his descriptions of the writing process. His self read audible version includes an interview at the end which is more interesting than the book as well.

Oh and I love his put on old timer Maine accent.