You can only get to heaven when you’re dead

by Andrea Elizabeth

sort of to the tune of “She’ll be comin round the mountain when she comes”.

You can only get to heaven when you’re dead,
Beau-ty lasts only once you’ve died,
“Heaven on earth”, they said,
After your blood is shed
‘Cause you only get to heaven when they’ve cried.

“What do, you, me-ean when you’re dead?
Are you ad-vo-cating suicide?”
‘Course not, silly son,
a-fter you’re work is done,
and done, not, just to save your life.

“Well stoicism fi-ils me with dread,
you can’t keep a-workin all the time,”
Slow and steady work is right
while keepin Jesus in your sight,
And no work for your heart means that you’re dead.

“Then, work, and, heaven can’t be friends,
if you say keep on a workin so to live,”
Heaven’s at the end
with Him to always spend
when glimpses be-come fleshed out in life.