Wisdom, let us attend

by Andrea Elizabeth

From Sirach

“Shame and Sin

20Watch for a proper opportunity and keep yourself from evil;

And do not bring shame upon your soul.

21For there is a shame that brings sin,

And there is a shame which is glory and grace.

22Do not show partiality to someone to your own harm,

And do not let your respect for another cause you to fall.

23Do not withhold a word in time of need;

24For wisdom is made known by a word,

And instruction by a word of the tongue.

25Do not speak against the “truth,

And do not be put to shame by your ignorance.

26Do not be ashamed to confess your sins,

And do not exercise force against the current of a river.

27Do not subject yourself to a foolish man,

And do not show partiality to a ruler.

28Fight to the death for the truth,

And the Lord God will fight for you.

29Do not be rash with your tongue

And sluggish and neglectful in your works.

30Do not be like a lion in your home

And act in pretense with your servants.

31Do not let your hand be extended to receive

And shut when you should repay.”