you know you’ve gotten over your issues when…

by Andrea Elizabeth

“11. Contemplation of the words: My father and my mother abandoned Me, but the Lord took me to Himself.

I think he was speaking obscurely about the abandonment and flight from the natural law of the flesh, which governs the process of birth and corruption, and into which, on account of the transgression, we are born and exist. This includes abandonment and flight from sensation, which feeds us like a mother, a parting that is necessary for those who desire incorruptible things. In this way, the visible world is abandoned by us and abandons us, but the Lord takes us to Himself, and according to the spiritual law adopts those who are worthy, becoming their adopted father through virtue and knowledge, and in His goodness He gives the whole of Himself to the whole of them, according to the likeness.” Ambiguum 10