Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God

by Andrea Elizabeth

The next paragraph in Ambiguum 7 is sublime about our union with God. I’m writing to provide a teaser to increase desire to read and experience it personally. Also to hash things out when the inclination strikes. The next paragraph describes those who of their own will decide to follow their undirected passions downward to instability rather than beautfiful virtuous union with God.

The next section is called, “The doctrine of the logoi defended”

“Saint Dionysios the Areopagite teaches us that Scripture calls these logoi “predeterminations” and “divine wills.” Thus God knows us by his will in creating us, not by sensory or intellectual perception. It follows in my mind that if God knows us by his predetermined will, then he only knows the part of us that is coming toward him/his will. Perhaps this is how in the judgment, our straw is burned away, and our metal remains. Reading on, this is why it says later, “The Lord knows those who are His own. To still others it says: I know you not. In each case, the voluntary decision to move either in accord with the will and logos of God or against it prepared each person to hear the divine voice.”