by Andrea Elizabeth

I’ll make episode 3 of Grantchester a separate post since the comment string is getting rather long on the last one.

Ep 3 begins with Curate Leonard acting like a sweet, childlike ingenue, which word usually describes a girl. Mannerisms are something you can choose, btw. This is why girls used to be told to sit certain ways. Seems to me many gay men obsess over society’s engineered roles for women. These are the same behaviors many women young and old are sold: behaviors often meant to seduce and manipulate people. Leonard seems to be being set up as a damsel in distress who needs to be rescued by a man. I posit that some men are jealous of how pretty young things get attention. It is interesting how people become affected. Instead of having the instinct to rescue, they want to be rescued. Is it an abdication? My conjecture is that it is and when middle age overtakes them they start to feel their neglect of women and the absence of fatherhood, but this can be covered up by the gratification of indulging themselves as receivers instead of givers. Yes, there is a missing of a father’s attention involved as well, but many men redirect the pain by giving love to their own children. It’s weird how pain is compensated for. But it must be more than that. I think some boys feel powerless to rescue a woman. One, I don’t think they are sure women deserve it, but two, it seems they really do identify with women. They probably do have an extra sensitivity. And they may wonder how they can help her if they feel such a need for help themselves. So they avoid it or get married as buddies. They don’t feel alpha for some reason. Not that there aren’t alpha gays. I had the biggest crush on Richard Chamberlain. But he stayed in the closet. I say if you’re capable of acting like a heartthrob to women, do it for their sake, even if it feels put on. Maybe straight men, and women, have to act sometimes too. 😮

Perhaps I’ll continue in the comments