Father Brown and Grantchester

by Andrea Elizabeth

I started the former yesterday and also caught a whiff of the latter that intrigued me enough to start it off. Father Brown in one of the first season’s first episode said he didn’t judge a homosexual man that he met in the field. The guy wasn’t asking his opinion anyway. He just wanted Fr. Brown to not tell because of the chemical treatments and such of the day. I’m ok with that since Fr Brown wasn’t asked, and he wasn’t a parishioner.

Fr Brown also told a murderer he could be forgiven, which I’m not sure the Catholic Church teaches or taught. I’ll leave it to others to explain the Orthodox position, which googling can provide.

Then the Anglican Grantchester Vicar, Sydney Chambers, was angry, in whatever season and episode that aired last night, about the church’s stance on homosexuality. I thought, here we go, until the African(?) clergyman defended the hard line pretty well! He wasn’t vilified! So I’m going to watch some more and see how they present their church’s position on things. 

In the first season first episode, Sydney emphatically said at a suicide’s funeral that all sins will be forgiven. This made the hard line lady purse her lips. Previously she had said all suicides go to hell. 

I’ll probably add more in the Comments as they come up.