I’m sick

by Andrea Elizabeth

Facebook is meant for posts like this but I don’t want click responses. I missed brunch with my kids. 😦 I don’t feel like reading. Or sewing.

Some soup may sit ok but I don’t think we have any good kinds. Don’t want to ask George to pick any up. He would be happy to but he’s got a lot to do. I bet we have split pea or lentil. Blick. Chicken noodle woulda worked. Chick fila’s has too much stuff in it.

I wonder if dogs are considered scentient. Don’t want to look up the spelling or definition. They know when you’re sick and sleep next to you. I don’t let them on the furniture. Mercy laid on my foot when it was on the floor for a while. Tangent: she lets me use her as an upside down fulcrum when I get up sometimes. She likes feet.