Impassible desire and power

by Andrea Elizabeth

“Out of His infinite longing for human beings, He has become truly and according to nature the very thing for which He longed, neither suffering any change in His own being on account of His unutterable self-emptying, nor altering or diminishing anything whatsoever from human nature on account of His ineffable assumption of the flesh.”

…And in a manner beyond man, He does the things of man,” according to a supreme union involving no change, showing that the human energy is conjoined with the divine power, since the human nature, united without confusion to the divine nature, is completely penetrated by it, with absolutely no part of it remaining separate from the divinity to which it was united, having been assumed according to hypostasis…. and thereby make known His power that is beyond infinity , recognized through the generation of opposites.” – Ambiguum 5

Opposites such as willing out of necessity vs out of power. Therefore his suffering is voluntary, and not out of necessity.

Me: Perhaps this is how our sufferings can make or break us. We can choose to use them for good or evil. Bad guys use their sufferings as an excuse for evil. This is passive and easy. Good guys voluntarily suffer for others out of active strength. And they choose their battles wisely.

“And why go through all the rest [opposites], which are very many? For anyone who looks into them divinely will know, in a way that transcends the intellect, that even the affirmations concerning Jesus’s love for humanity have the power of transcendent negations.”