Pleasantly surprised by The Wisdom of Solomon 

by Andrea Elizabeth

“God Made Life, Not Death

1:12Do not be zealous for death by the deceit of your life,

Nor bring destruction upon yourself by the works of your hands.

13For God did not make death,

Neither does He have pleasure over the destruction of the living.

14For He created all things that they might exist,

And the generations of the world so they might be preserved;

For there was no poison of death in them,

Nor was the reign of Hades on the earth.

15For righteousness does not die.

16But the ungodly summoned death by their words and works;

Although they thought death would be a friend, they were dissolved.

For they made a covenant with death,

Since they were deserving to share it in common.”

Excerpt From: Nelson, Thomas. “NKJV, The Orthodox Study Bible, eBook.” HarperCollins Christian Publishing, 2014-09-19. iBooks. 

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