you’ve got to do better than that, dbh

by Andrea Elizabeth

David Bentley Hart may know some stuff about secularism, philosophy and have some awareness of morality, but the problem with this article is that he equates his take on it with Christianity. Why all of the sudden are liberal democrats sounding like hell fire and brimstone preachers? If you don’t change your politics, you’re going to burn! And if God doesn’t burn you, I will!

Maybe capitalism does favor investors too much. Maybe there should be more regulations on monopolies. But blaming free will and stupid, hypocritical Christians who can’t see how bad their economic politics are wont cut it. Yes Jesus taught against selfish acquisition of money, goods and services. But he didn’t tell people to scream about it on street corners like those annoying preachers. He didn’t tell people to prove their superior morality by flipping a lever once every four years and reposting liberal street screamers on facebook. He said curb your own appetites. It’s hard for me to listen to an overweight person preach to me about the evils of overindulgence who claims only anti-capitalists are redeemed. He also places a lot of emphasis on how culture is to blame. He must not remember the passages about the narrow way that only a few (within culture) will dare to walk. You have to be a salmon to be a Christian, not a cultural river tuber.

Furthermore, I’d also like to hear them talk not only about what percentage of wealth the very few have, but what percentage of the taxes they pay. First google hit says the top 1% pay 50% of income tax. So remove their ability to accumulate wealth, and you’ll also severely decrease government revenue. Smart.