why Trump’s strike on Syrian airbases was good

by Andrea Elizabeth

My Facebook Libertarian friends, which most of my political posting friends seem to be, are very upset about the airstrike because I guess they don’t believe the reports that Assad gassed his own people. I doubted it under Obama, but I’m giving Trump the benefit of said doubt in this case.

Nevertheless, I guess I’m not libertarian if I’m ok with this intervention.

  1. If you’re a Luddite you don’t mind high tech weapons killing high tech weapons.
  2. The left has been so angry since the election, and I believe against a strawboogeyman, it’s nice for them to get some catharsis by blowing up another possible strawboogeyman’s potential chemical weapon delivering weapons. They seem to feel better now.
  3. I’m also liking the recent stories of people being robbed who surprisingly and quickly shoot the robbers. It makes people think twice about robbing people. Even if they shot the wrong guys’ weapons it makes the right bad guys (such as China, Iran, North Korea, and now I’m sadly starting to believe Putin) realize the stakes.
  4. I don’t think Trump wants to stage a coup. He’s just letting it be known how Assad is not allowed to defend his position. There’s been enough nervous uncertainty regarding Assad that some definitive action makes people feel like things are clarified.
  5. Putin doesn’t seem to decry the use of chemical weapons. Neither he nor Assad have said enough to reassure me that they are outraged by what’s been done, even if they didn’t do it. And there isn’t enough intelligence to prove anyone else did. The accidental blowing up a chemical storehouse story doesn’t convince me when the only witnesses say they dropped from the sky. If the propaganda machine is that effective, then the defense team needs to work harder. Pulling out what a Canadian lady said in 2013 about Syrian staged scenes isn’t enough.