Now that I’ve digested the end of Season 2 of the Great British Baking Show

by Andrea Elizabeth


I was disappointed Ruby lost after her awesome picnic basket pie. But her cake did fall short. She seemed to feel good enough about her Signature Challenge pie win and so after an emotionally and physically exhausting season, she didn’t seem to try as hard or have as much at stake for the other two challenges. She doesn’t apparently want to be a professional baker, as the winner perhaps does.

Paul Hollywood seemed to handle her with kid gloves the whole season. Perhaps because she was the youngest, or because she was the most compelling baker and was good for the camera. But when she disappointed during the final, he tossed her under the bus and said the pressure got to her. She has since twitter blasted him, calling him a strutting peacock among other things. This after she was accused online of flirting with him. I thought it was just clever banter and respect for his office. These behaviors are so complicated. It did make me think however about if bosses like him require people who wish to succeed to suck up to them. I think they do, so from the boss’¬†end they want it to be flirting instead of a witty back and forth. It depends on the state of your own heart how you interpret it. I know that pretty, smart women tend to get undercut by just about everyone because for some reason they are a threat.