Health care bill

by Andrea Elizabeth

there is no answer!

but there has to be because the way it is now and the way it was are bad

the cost drivers aren’t really addressed, which I think was Rand Paul’s point from the beginning

this morning I was mad at Rand Paul for poo pooing the  replacement bill before it could even be negotiated

I’ve also been mad at the ultra conservatives who blocked it, but what if it was bad?

I’ve been mad at Paul Ryan for not doing what was necessary to build a consensus

Trump seemed to be mostly delegating and motivating changemakers, so he’s kind of come out ok because he is new to the process, Ryan gave him assurances, he seemed to want to take the middle ground, and was willing to compromise as a good team player.

But did the republicans save or hurt themselves?

Will Trump now go further left to appease the democratic moderates?

Will the conservatives give him a better alternative? It seems to be in their court now.

The problem is that health care isn’t affordable. The democrats think the rich people can buy it for everyone. The republicans think paltry insurance for a lot of people is ok. The democrats think the republicans are cruel. The republicans think the democrats are inept, money wasting, control freaks.

One area that I think drives health care costs is research, development, and production of innovative drugs and equipment. The car industry handles improvements by offering expensive and cheap packages. And loans. But cars have a finite cost and are relatively long lasting. Healthcare needs can change on a dime.

One reason I’m more into this process than any particular outcome is that I like old country doctors who got paid with chickens and used remedies did not change all that much over time. Probably until Penicillin? But what about the mortality rates? One reason for the baby boom is that it happened before birth control and after drastically improved health care. But I’ve also heard that there wasn’t as much problem with disease in the country, it was the big cities that grew devastating illnesses. But now we’re stuck with big city living soo…. A million wrongs can’t be corrected with a single or even 150 page right. Sins also drive up medical costs – obesity, promiscuity, smoking, over-drinking, and high risk and increasingly competitive athletic activities to name a few.

So I guess I’m back on Dr. Rand Paul’s team. Please save us from socialism (which I think is the only way to fairly pay for our expensive system)! You’re our only hope.