I’ve changed my mind about Tamal

by Andrea Elizabeth

and Paul Hollywood in The Great British Baking Show Season 3 because of Ruby in Season 2. I thought I’d seen that season a while back but I guess I’d just seen passing by bits on TV because I don’t remember much about it at all. I’ve got 2 more episodes left, so I don’t know who wins, nor much of their backstory so I don’t know if Ruby has daddy issues like Tamal did, but she’s definitely got a confidence problem. She cried in the first episode when her bake didn’t turn out, and she’s always focusing on the negative of her own stuff. Paul is obviously trying to build her up though. I think the difference with Paul, in addition to her being a cute girl instead of boy, is that she consistently doesn’t think she deserves it and is shocked at any praise or accomplishment. Tamal, like almost all the others gets a boost when they do well, and they think they can do it, then they get overconfident and slip up and end up back in the dumps. Ruby stays down, even though she has grown over the season to “not panic about it”. It has freed her up to focus on what she, who is a very smart philosophy student, considers good and beautiful apart from herself. And her little allotment cake with shiny chocolate bark shed with carmel praline roof, pastachio lawn and poppyseed garden with tiny vegies sticking out looked delicious and charming because the materials looked like their delicious selves as well as what they represented. Everyone else’s materials were of unknown origin and only looked like what they represented. Genius. Well done, Ruby!