by Andrea Elizabeth

George got his DNA results back Wednesday. I didn’t realize just how foreign he is. Not only are his immediate roots only in Yankeeland and mine are almost exclusively southern, but he is 40% Eastern European and 7% Eastern European Jew. I knew his name is Eastern European, but I thought it had been diluted. Turns out his grandmother was of Hungarian extraction. Additionally he is 7% Iberian Peninsula, of which I am none. All we have in common is his 37% European which in his case is almost equally thirded Great Britain, Irish, and Scandinavian. I am 99% European: 36% Western European (France and Germany) of which he is none, 32% Great Britain, 22% Irish (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!) and 5% Scandinavian. Of trace elements, he is 4% Italy/Greece, and I am 1%. We both have a little Western Russian, and I am <1% northern African.

I bet the trace Italy/Greece part is from the Roman Empire going north and west all those years ago.

This explains our opposite personalities, but at least we are both quiet introverts and don’t push each other too far beyond our comfort zones. He has almost no British sympathies, nostalgia, or homesickness, and I have a ton. I tribute this to both genetics and Yankee/Southern conditioning.