Great British Baking Show and dads

by Andrea Elizabeth

Having just finished season 3, I will offer my opinion. In the last episodes I thought Nadia, the winner, compromised content for style. On chocolate day in her showstopper, she was very light on chocolate and heavy on rice crispy treats and colored icing to create her ho hum peacock. You have to win over the judges with personality too and she had a lot of that, though I thought she was colder than Tamal, my favorite by far. Tamal got intimidated by Paul Hollywood. Judging from the family interview, it seems Tamal’s father was not in the picture, so he got flustered when Paul doubted some of his decisions. I’m not a technical perfectionist so I thought Tamal’s understated sense of humor and original way of thinking, ability to bounce back after pretty deep devastation, in addition to his flavor choices, and occasionally brilliant presentation made him the winner. I liked his final showstopper as I thought it probably summed up his time there emotionally. Not that the show was responsible for the emotional response. I think it brought out what it feels like to not have a father. One’s feeling of stability is very fragile, but that can make one a rare tight rope balancer. I don’t think Chaplin or Keaton had supportive dads either.