why doing good doesn’t work

by Andrea Elizabeth

Trump can list all the things he’s done to help people and the Dem’s will just continue to smear him. Then he gets mad and complains and they feel triumphant. Doing good subjects yourself to ill treatment from others who couldn’t care less. Instead, one should engage in relationship. If it doesn’t go well, one should withdraw and spend one’s energy where it works.

I saw a video on fb where it was suggested by a Catholic clergyman that we should win over/evangelize others with goodness. I am sugar sensitive and immediately had a reaction. One, they will think, oooo we’ve got a live one and milk it for all it’s worth then move on to the next sucker. Two, even if you get a good response, when things aren’t so good, as inevitably they will turn, the other person will be let down.

Today people want protein. Protein is holiness and peace. Holiness transcends human goodness. It always leaves people thinking there’s more. It leaves people understanding, if not experiencing fullness. Holiness is other, but partake-able.  It is satisfying; human goodness is fleeting. Goodness is providing fish, holiness is finding the fish-leaden stream. It’s the light the candle gives off. Goodness is secular candle and match making. Someone’s gotta do it, but that’s because of the fall.