I never bingewatch by myself

by Andrea Elizabeth

I have also never gone to the theater or a sit down restaurant by myself. However. Since I didn’t think my husband would be interested, and I didn’t think it for the age group of my youngest daughter, at the mention of a fb friend, I started Kimmy Schmidt. Wow. Such dialogue! It has the quickest idea turnarounds of anything I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what to think about the disturbing parts. Perhaps I’m overly sensitive about home school criticisms and exaggerations. And flaming gayness is off-putting.

But, even if they aren’t criticizing sheltered Christian upbringing, I guess I’m worried that people think sheltering is abusive in a similar way, even though it’s obvious that it’s about a criminally led cult and not sheltered Christians.

My husband and I just caught up with The Man in High Castle, also due to a fb mention. I’m a bit sensitive that the most traditional family is Nazi too.

The show, Alone, however, portrays withdrawing from modern society more positively, even if the Season 3 runner up, spoiler!, was a bit gnostic in her interpretation of faith. It’s hard when psychological problems, like neglecting the body and perhaps an anorexic type control issue, gets mixed with Christianity because there seems justification in Christianity for overdoing things.