You done crossed the line

by Andrea Elizabeth

In the comments of Angry people, a few posts back, I said one viewpoint is that we’re all abused and we’re all abusers. This is along the lines of he who is without sin cast the first stone. However, we also draw lines that get people who cross them incarcerated. Crime and Punishment is about this. It’s an interesting line. And what about those who cross it? Shunning and ostracizing are natural responses. And even those who don’t want to shun people recognize the preventative nature of painful punishments. And we have programs for rehab, which I don’t think Drew was addressing in the previous post. His gay guy segment was interesting. Aside: Mike Pence is under fire by SJW’s for promoting rehab for gay people. Maybe some people would benefit from reprogramming (Milo even nodded towards being interested in trying it, not that he would, but he doesn’t criticize people who believe in it.), but I think the energy would be better spent on self-control, like a diabetic with sugar. But people without particular problems, and who have learned not to be co-dependent with the person’s problem, to a reasonable extent, could ‘improve morally’. The process Drew describes in the previous post is desensitization and appreciation for positive qualities. Desensitization is often criticized for making us used to sin. There’s probably a fine line between acceptance leading to condoning, and acceptance leading to reprioritization. Overeating is bad, but so is rejecting fat people. That is not to say tough love is bad when someone is being self-destructive. See, it’s complicated. Milo criticizes SJW controlled speech about fat people, so he’s accused of hate speech when he thinks it’s right to criticize fat people and dispel the myth that it’s ok to overeat (here at 3:50). But addictive behavior is a bit different than a disability, but not as different as some people probably think. And people are too obsessed with being skinny. Skinny people can be control freaks, vain and cranky. We’re all messes. But some people cross the line. It’s weird. Like that verse that says if you commit adultery in your head you’re guilty, but should you be kicked out of Church? It’s weird.

Anyway, the song below gets at relating to line crossing monsters. Perhaps the answer isn’t to say, thank God I’m not like that person, like racists, and say, maybe I am in my heart, and maybe they crave the same way I do in my heart, though with less acceptable objects of affection/disaffection, poor relatable souls.