Mercy Circe continues to amaze

by Andrea Elizabeth

She is pretty happily trained on the underground fence now. She started to follow me to the mailbox where I dropped our two Netflix DVD’s, (Shakespeare’s Henry V [Tom Hiddleston] and Pete’s Dragon. We’re waiting for Dr Strange and Arrival) and when she approached the line she happily turned around to engage the other two dogs. Cassie, the middle dogchild, again got in Merry’s face, barking loudly to keep her in her place. While I firmly said NO CASSIE!, Mercy happily pushed between them 3 or 4 times till Cassie finally engaged in a game of chase with her. Merry happily followed after them. She’s so positive with learning what we want out of them. She still has a great fear of strangers though and barks her deep, loud bark, but luckily isn’t aggressive with them at all.

Yesterday I heard a commotion outside and two dogs were in our yard. One looked like a border collie/pit bull mix with a black border tail and white pitbull face. The other was a little chihuahua. Unlikely companions. When we came out to see, everyone calmed down and acted like hosts and guests. Merry hung with the little one and Mercy with the bigger one. Cassie did her middle dog, uncommitted thing. I’m glad Mercy’s enjoying life.