I’m ok to be an American 

by Andrea Elizabeth

I have discovered two things that motivate the left. One, they are still angry about slavery and the country’s racist/nationalist past, and still blame the South and those ideologically tied to state’s rights, which is the position du jour of the right.

Two, their anti corporate stance, though hypocritical in Hillary, half-hearted in Obama but whole-hearted in Bernie Sanders, did not make sense to me because I didn’t see how they could fund all their social programs without them. On one hand I think they think the wealthy 10% could fund their programs, but it would also drive them out of business. The more believable other hand is that they are true anarchist/non nationalists and sincerely want America to fail because of her past sins that make all the money blood money. They believe we should all starve to death, and this is where things tie into my first point.

The Indian removal was the first sin worthy of the death penalty. But it’s the second, African slavery, that deserves inforcement. See, if your father was a rapist, then they believe you should have been aborted. I bet nearly every one of us, and they say the average black American is 30% white, is related to a rapist, even northern people. You may have to expand that to enablers of rapists. Therefore they don’t mind if they ruin America.

I say there is a much better way to feel about being the child of a rapist. We can still be glad and thankful to be alive. We can appreciate some of the good genes past down to us. It’s very weird to say I’m good at trigonometry because of my rapist father, but it’s better than hating him to the point of hating your own life.