Trump’s speech

by Andrea Elizabeth

Most of it reminded me of the Republican Convention which was one of the darkest messages he gave. He doesn’t seem to know the difference between good debate points and inspiring points. Everyone was impressed with his election speech where he seemed to know the positive message we need to hear as one country instead of fighting factions. It’s disappointing.

He started out talking about rebuilding America. That introductory statement started the cringing where he’s dissing the presidents sitting right beside you who are pretty much polite, civil guests at your party, not adversaries. I don’t think Obama trashed America, he just maintained it on a construction level, which is Trump’s focus. Obama did trash our values though, but at the same time, I think some of the intolerance curbing was justified.

“today we are transferring power from Washington DC to you the people”. I thought that was an improvement from some of his self-centered rhetoric.

“new movement” I like better the idea of restoring our drive rather than recreating something.

“defended other borders while refusing to defend our own” that is a good point. Why be more angry at Putin invading Crimea than Mexican criminals invading our soil? or about Isis invading the Middle East, not to mention the rest of the world.

“buy american and hire american”  I wonder how chinese investors he’s recently met with building factories in our country fits into that.

“all colors bleed the same red blood” and the other poetic parts towards the end were nice and would have come off better if we weren’t uncomfortable for the past presidents sitting there who seemed to have been dissed.

I feel that he is acting on his jr high level that he falls into. He’s giving his parents what for. But there is a lot to criticize in parents. Angry teenagers don’t do it in a nice way. Obama was a nice dad and loved him anyway. I really feel Obama’s continued warmth afterward was genuine. Michelle hasn’t grown to that. She’s still in victim mode. Obama did grimace a few times during the speech which I thought was an appropriate nod to most of the hearers who were uncomfortable for him. But he also showed that we don’t shoot our teenagers, which I hope the press don’t do. He is a child prodigy who requires special care to meet his potential. There are uncomfortable side effects to all of our good qualities. Lord have mercy.

The downer afteraffects are just like after the Convention. But like most tides around Trump, they change dramatically.