The ridiculous dems

by Andrea Elizabeth

The reason the dems are so ridiculously upset is because they counted their chickens before they hatched. Who would think the world was theirs with only a 51 to 49% lead? They ridiculously had no exit strategy. This is why they are so devastated. They had already claimed and moved all their eggs into this presidency having only a very slim lead. This is beyond overconfidence. This is delusion. It’s like they’re bitterly contesting a divorce when they were never even engaged. Talk about fatal attraction. And just like Glen Close they’re stalking Trump and trying to ruin his presidency in the most pitiful, desperate ways. Instead of regrouping like healthy losers, and like Trump had realistically prepared to do, they are suicidally imploding with stupid backfiring recounts, Russia blaming, fake news, tens of thousands of death, boycott, and blacklist threats to electors, their own congressmen, and inauguration performers, bullying confirmation stall tactics, and a leader and media who calls all this democratic self-expression. This is glazing over the eyes of people beyond repulsed. Be yond.