Circe Mercy

by Andrea Elizabeth

 George doesn’t like the name Circe, so he calls her Mercy, which she responds to. I still use both. She has gained a little weight and is getting bolder about her independence in our yard. She also has started to ignore me sometimes if I tell her not to go out of our yard. Mostly she stays in and just runs around taunting the other two dogs when they wont go beyond the wire, which boundary is about 15 feet from the road. I don’t mind that so much as when she forgets herself and goes after a squirrel, bird, or dog in the neighbors’ yards which has happened only a few times, but getting more often. So we put the flags back up using one of the other dog’s collars that beeps on the first setting when it crosses it to know where it is. The other two dogs don’t wear the collars any more and wont go over the border wire still. She is pretty responsive to the flags alone. She thinks it’s a fun game to go up and smell them and then come back away when called. But she still flirts with going out so we put a collar on with the beep setting. That combined with “come back!” when she defiantly crosses the line usually brings her back. And she hasn’t ventured into a neighbor’s yard since she’s been wearing it. I still don’t trust her unsupervised, but am willing to tail her for a few more weeks to see if she can be trained without a shock, since she has fear issues. It really scared the other dogs to get the static shock, but they weren’t as smart or nearly as responsive as she is. She gets the white flags that are placed every 10 feet and knows how to stay inside even without leash training, which the other two needed to encourage them back. It’s her reflexive impulses to hunt and potty out of bounds that make her cross a few feet so far. We’ll see.