this blog is my beard

by Andrea Elizabeth

Usually one says that about a gay man who marries a woman to hide from society. I like the idea of hiding from society. Maybe I’m autistic. I am painfully sensitive to social interaction, but I can force myself. Now it’s pretty much to the point of only when necessary. Back to the beard, there’s an article on the internet about transgender people perhaps being autistic. But would I really like to have a beard to hide? Not really. Seems kinda itchy, wiry, hard to keep clean and frankly, masculine. How about a hat and sunglasses? Also obstructive and cumbersome. What I really like is not wearing glasses. There’s nothing separating me from the reality that I can’t see. This type of ignorance is bliss. I can see blurry but pretty colors. It’s like the broadest stroked impressionist painting. The people seem really far away and not much to do with me. No one gets in my face close enough to focus on. What I want to focus on, like my phone and my cross stitch, are small enough for me to handle and bring within a couple of inches of my eyes. Maybe we weren’t meant to have glasses, Ben Franklin. Maybe God made most people blurry on purpose.