by Andrea Elizabeth

Yes racism still exists in our country where non-white western extracted people are deemed inferior and unnecessary. I’ll briefly say that Trump and his followers have been effectively but erroneously tarred and feathered by the manipulative opposition as this type of racist. And that this unfair characterization is the reason actual racists like him, and many other people hate him. And yes his platform is actually about illegal immigrants who have put a drain on our society with drug trafficking, crimes, and job taking.

Anyway, I, and my fellow southerners/republicans may not speak out against actual racism enough. Those of us in predominantly white areas see it mostly on the news, such as the Rodney King incident, or that horrible car dragging incident in southeast Texas, the North Carolina church shooter, and police dash cams, though some of the charges have been revealed that a justifiable threat was present. The complaint I’ve heard most is that black people get pulled over more often than white people. Here’s an interesting but inconclusive article on that.

I think people politically on the right see these incidents like other stories in the news of murders and child abuses. These are perpetrated by criminals not related to me, and whom the justice system and those more closely affected deal with.

The racism activists think it’s a more endemic problem evidenced by widespread soft racism stories like people clutching their belongings if a black person is coming towards them, and the perpetuation of conditions that stifle black, in particular, advancement. Towards Latin Americans it’s more of an expectation that they are more worthy of menial labor. It’s probably more mixed with Asian people because they outperform white people in school, but there’s still some unfair associations probably with the laundry stereotype and Pearl Harbor.

I was very surprised to hear Tavist Smiley ask a black professor, can’t remember his name, why black people buy into the notion that they are inferior. This really shocked me. I think when one feels inferior they protest louder and are more sensitive to possible insults. This is not to say there aren’t plenty of oppressing factors, but I also feel some of the more exaggerated claims of racism are sort of a post traumatic stress response. I suppose I want people to consider that all cries of racism are not justified.

For example, I heard one black guy say that he also clutches his belongings if another black guy in a hoodie approaches him. Thank you for admitting that, sir. The black population in prison problem probably also includes a chicken and egg conundrum producing a vicious cycle. And black on black crime is also a thing.

I think one of my biggest agitations is the grunt work stigma. There are so many reasons I don’t sympathize with Cinderella. Hand labor is what has been wrongfully demeaned. The mostly white (is this not true?) produced automation in this society is wrongfully deemed superior. It is producing a bunch of fat, lazy, whiney, stressed, mentally ill people. I really do believe the stone age to be more virtuous and healthy, if it weren’t for the imported small pox that ruined that way of life. High tech germs need high tech, expensive medicine. bummer.In other words, be proud of burning calories and working out your energy instead of it caving in on you. There’s no shame in vacuuming floors and making beds. I think this will have to do for the immigrant contribution question but I do have the impression that non-white cultures haven’t valued technological development as much as the west. I’m willing to to be corrected on that. And it’s hard to sift out their other contributions to our language and music and other ways of life. My favorite as a Texan are all the Mexican words and influences in our vintage cowboy culture. Not to mention their food.

I also think that people shouldn’t get so up in arms about one word someone said 30 years ago. The biggest complaint about Jeff Sessions that I’ve heard was that he referred to one guy as “boy” a long time ago. This is a cultural thing that used to be normal. It is a fallout of a slave society. I have an older generation family member who used that word recently. If everyone in your small town used it, you probably will unthinkingly use it as well. I do not consider that isolated incident worthy of ruining someone’s reputation and to be turned down from a job. I don’t mind racial quotas to some extent because we are supposed to consider past cultural influences that may make certain people not as eligible by certain standards. I think the same consideration should be given to white people too regarding their past cultural influences in using some words.