One more thing, well two 

by Andrea Elizabeth

And about the Access Hollywood thing. His other derogatory comments were not about women in general, but were equal opportunity nick-namings about specific people he was criticizing. I have purposefully not listened to the AH tape because it was secretly recorded by a person who was goading him into a conversation that to his admitted shame he didn’t back down from but typically trumped. I do not take the oft repeated, by holier than hims (holiers than him?), snippet literally. Again, his posturing isn’t a religion to him, it’s a sport. Putin has been looking for a playmate to whom he can back down as he quickly and happily did with the nuclear tweet war Putin started.* Obama and Hillary are too boring and uninspiring to play with even though Hillary was enjoying it (insert debate shimmy

*”Trump’s tweet came shortly after Vladimir Putin spoke about strengthening Russia’s nuclear triad – the strategy of relying on nuclear weapons based on land, in submarines and on long-range bombers — in his traditional year-end press conference.”
“Donald Trump’s tweet that “the United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes” ignited a stage-four meltdown among his critics.”

And it took Putin to school the outraged American holiers, “there’s nothing unusual here.” I’m so glad Russia and Israel get him and are willing to explain it to the political religionists.