Rules rules rules

by Andrea Elizabeth

For Christmas George got me Moscow’s Domostroy

(RussianДомостройDomestic Order) is a 16th-century Russian set of household rules, instructions and advices pertaining to various religious, social, domestic, and family matters of the Russian society. Core Domostroi values tended to reinforce obedience and submission to GodTsar and Church. Key obligations were fastingprayericon veneration and the giving of alms.”

The old timey way of orderly interaction came from commonly held rules. In a pluralistic and/or revolutionary/disputed society all of these rules are up for grabs. Regarding yesterday’s post, I consider the interaction to be a disputation of hierarchy and rules. They probably thought me pushy and rude by looking over their shoulders. When grocery store aisles are crowded I suppose the polite thing to do is to wait a ways back till someone is through at your goal location before even reading the labels from a few feet. I imagine my husband does that. I tend to think there’s room for everyone and if someone is taking a long time, careful reaching over shoulders with an “excuse me” is allowed. I am impatient and resent standing around with nothing to do. And I hate having people wait for me. Surely we can both do it at the same time. Lord have mercy.