Skin deep 2

by Andrea Elizabeth

Before my family woke up, I went down to the lobby to get coffee and a snack. My coffee filled, I turned to the food area and was cut off by a bit younger than me couple. The husband looked at me with a “make way for my deserving wife” look. Fine, I thought, and followed them to the food bar. They split up towards both the areas that have protein. I stepped behind her worthiness to see if there were hard boiled eggs in the fridge. She glanced back at me as if I was intruding on her space. I then moved slightly towards him to see what was in the heated dishes and he fully faced me and stared. I grimaced at him, got a sweet roll from the middle, and left in a huff. The nerve!

No, I don’t envy his prioritizing his wife and defending the territory as his. I do think that some hierarchical criteria are overblown in this country however. Youth, looks, strength, money (I was in grungies so’s not to mess up my nicer clothes with possible spillage) and white delicate femininity are way too worshipped. So I guess I’ll go back on yesterday’s post and say protest is warranted. But not protest to be treated the same way. Just for people to mind their own business and not expect me to engage in their delusions of grandeur.