Is Trump a totalitarian?

by Andrea Elizabeth

I think I have an open mind to be convinced of this charge, but so far I’m not. One article went on and on about the beneficial history of regulations against monopolies that was undone by Baby Watergaters, therefore Trump is Totalitarian. I need more of a sequence than that. Another said that because he wanted to prosecute Clinton he was like Mussolini getting rid of his opponents. So if someone wants to press charges against another person for violating a law, they’re an evil dictator? Maybe it was the same one that said, because he asked rally attendants to raise they’re right hand, it was like Heil Hitler. Can’t tell you how many times my teachers or other public speakers have asked folks to do that. The closest I’ve personally witnessed to his being a little like Hitler is listening to his victory tour speech, which was most enthusiastically delivered, and his most eloquent. I thought it sounded a little like the speeches I’ve heard Hitler give in German. But that’s style, which is probably universally successful motivation speak, not content. I’m not that versed on pre WWII German history but if there are similarities in the state of the economy and national competitiveness, then again, improving this isn’t necessarily evil. To what extent is he willing to go to fix things? I’m not convinced Trump wants to invade other nations or line up ethnics in concentration camps. Further, the syllogism that Trump respects Putin and Putin annexes nations, therefore Trump is totalitarian doesn’t work for me either. Crimea’s history is too complex for that simplistic of a comparison for one thing.

I’ll be watching closely to see how his tax plan and scrutiny of regulations, which so far is the method he wants to use to fix our economy, plays out.