Or Mele Kalikimaka

by Andrea Elizabeth

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Time for the Dharma Points Memo

Donald Trump’s denial of definitive Russian involvement in the Presidential election plays into the paranoid propaganda of his opponents. A more peaceful Zen reaction to anxiety inducing paranoia would be to take a deep breath and not care. Not caring about worldly affairs is different than denial or not knowing about them. If knowing, whether that Russia influenced the election or that the Democrats want to delegitimize Trump’s victory, brings suffering, then one simply needs to rise above the suffering, not the knowledge. Just say “Pali Anapanasati” several times until you’re not upset anymore. Barak O’bama was very good at this. When he gave a speech amidst disagreeing people he would speak in the rhythm of “Pali Anapanasati” and by the end, no one cared that he was ineffective at solving problems.

This is not the only application of this phrase. Donald Trump should use it at three in the morning to avoid tweeting. The press should use it to avoid twitter talking points. And then nothing would happen. But if nothing happens we all die, you say. Same if things do happen. Kobo Daishi wrote a poem about dead bodies as a help to overcome desire.

Does Donald Trump represent desire? Is he promoting hedonistic wealth for everyone or rather healthy, productive work? Yang alert! He has succeeded in representing both. He also uses wealth as an indicator of a person’s scope and effectiveness. He must say “Pali Anapanasati” at six in the morning because then he seems able to let some things, like his stocks at least, go.