For the Love of Money

by Andrea Elizabeth

I just caught Tavis Smiley’s interview of Sam Polk about his book on leaving a successful career on Wallstreet called For the Love of Money. He is now a philanthropist who helps poor people eat nutritious food. The review within the above link says he does not mention religion when he describes an essentially spiritual awakening. 

Some Christians may believe his silence does not mean he is not privately a Christian as only Christians can be loving and unselfish. What the reviews say caused his eye opening is Reality and Life. A life coach and counseling helped him overcome his addictions, including to money, and to reconcile with his family. He believes not seeing people on the other side of the tracks as other but getting to know them as friends, while acknowledging different roots and thus opportunities, is key. 

I believe non Christians can be open to this type of reality. Are they performing fruitless works that do not count towards salvation? I don’t think so. Seems he meets the criteria for not being a goat to me. 

I’m wondering if what St Paul describes as fruitless works are symbolic purification laws that are believed to magically get you in. Where the state of the selfish heart behind it is ignored, and the belief that the ability to prettily say certain words and wash one’s hands in a certain ritual way will bring prestige and power over others.