The Life of Pi

by Andrea Elizabeth

was more interesting and beautiful than I expected. Spoiler* it made a disturbing story palatable. The question is which is the better story, the symbolic one or the facts? The guy representing the audience says the symbolic one. I’m wondering if it is because it paints the people more sympathetically. I think the murdering cook acting like a hyena seems too hard on the hyena and maybe too soft on the cook. Hyenas eat according to their established food chain. Predator animals may be the result of the fall but they also are part of the natural order. Mankind doesn’t get such a pass. Especially against our own species. I saw a nature show where a mother snowy owl seemed to let one of her weaker babies who had strayed from her warmth stay in the cold just long enough to pass the point of no return before she nestled it. As if she decided just to comfort it as it died before letting the other babies eat it. I wonder if it was hard for her to watch it suffer and listen to its cries.